Sunday, May 3, 2009

There are Strange Bugs in the garden Mum.

Here's a supereasy superfun activity for the kids on a rainy day (on any day really). You can make a whole family and add ribbons, flowers, bow ties, whatever, to give them different personalities. You should know these little fellows love to sit and watch while you work at the computer and can be used as 'Guard Bugs' to watch over belongings while you're away. These ones are relaxing in my garden:

Here's how you make them.


50cm of 24 gauge wire
16 x 16mm doughnut beads
17 pony beads
20 small assorted coloured beads for tail and antennas
one 20mm wooden bead for head
2 wiggly eyes
Hot-glue gun


Bend wire in half and thread a single small colored bead onto one of the wire ends as in photo below.

Holding the 2 ends of the wire together, thread more small colored beads over both wires to form the tail as in photo below.

Next thread a pony bead followed by a doughnut bead over both wires and continue threading this pattern to form the bug's body.

Thread on the wooden bead to make the bug's head and separate the ends of the wire to form the antennas.

Hold the bug's head and carefully fill the hole in the centre of the wooden bead with hot glue.

Wait for glue to set and then thread more small colored beads onto each antenna.

End each antenna by winding the end of the wire between the last and second last bead.

To complete glue on wiggly eyes.

Well, there you go... my first blog tutorial. Hope you like it. If you've got any questions or something is not clear, let me know. If you can't find doughnut beads, you can use tri-beads instead, or even any large coloured bead. Experiment! Let me know how you go.


  1. These are so cute. I know my kids would love to make them, Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is too cute. Gonna have to make this this summer with the kids.

  3. i LOVE these. so cute. my kids love to work with and string beads.

  4. This is a super cute idea for kids. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Adorable! I hope I can find the beads to make these with my granddaughters.

  6. Thank you so much for your inspiration! We made these cute critters with our girls at Girl Time Art Camp this week. You can see photos on our blog:
    Thanks again!

  7. Very, very cute! Love them! I just wish that I had your kinds of resources. I've been to 5 different stores to find doughnut beads (for the other garden bugs) but had no luck. And I've never seen wings like the ones you used here, before. Germany really seems to be crafting wasteland. I'll stalk your blog now, if you don't mind =)

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  10. These are so cute and clever...pinning!