Monday, May 11, 2009

Matchbox Monday: "There are more strange bugs in the garden mum"

When I started teaching craft I liked using things that could be found around the house: shoe boxes, cardboard rolls, wooden spoons, plastic teaspoons, and my all time favourite, matchboxes. Unfortunately, matchboxes aren't used much anymore, but they're still easy to get hold of and come in a great range of sizes. Yay! So that makes matchboxes just about perfect to make into treasure houses, mini-games, mini-puppet theatres etc etc etc.

I thought I'd make this month a month of 'Matchbox Mondays' and show some of the activities I've done using matchboxes. First up are matchbox bugs. Cute little fellows but you've got to watch 'em. Last time I checked these guys tummies they were full of pipe cleaner worms. Now that's not a problem, as pipe cleaner worms are a healthy and nutritious addition in any matchbox bugs diet. The problem was what else these guys were eating. Be warned. And watch your buttons.

The morning get-together:

And posing for photos:

Suitable matchbox bug snacks:

Unsuitable matchbox bug snacks:

Remember, if they're not feeling well, check their stomach contents before ringing the vet.

P.S: I've discovered that the majority of people visiting blogs don't like to leave comments, but feedback is always interesting, so if you have a comment, I'd love to hear it.


  1. Those are fun! I would have loved to make those when I was a kid--especially with the little worms for them to eat! Very fun!

  2. Very the to find some matchboxes...I love finding inspiration and ideas for filling in the "I am bored " time with the kids.

  3. lovely idea! very cute and colourful and the fact that they can store small treasures is so attractive to little people :)
    %*_*% rosey

  4. those are absolutely adorable!

  5. I like the bugs they eat!! :) Those are my favorite part.

  6. i just love your matchbox posts :D and the stories you come up with, great !!

  7. trixi you are so super talented!!I'm so glad to have stumbled apon your creativity, I'm totally going to link your blog on mine:)

    the matchbox creations are one of a kind so original and awesome, gotta try on my self now. What do you used to glue it all together so well?

  8. Hi Aja, I use PVA glue to stick the felt onto the matchboxes and hot glue gun to stick on the fiddly little bits like the little buttons, the ric rac, braid etc. Let me know if you need more help.

  9. They are so cute! I'm off to make some now :)

  10. I"ll leave a comment because i know how precious they are! Great project! Visit my blog for lots of great projects, and come by on Sunday for a craft party where you link up to one of your posts, this will be the first party so I hope you'll come!

  11. Those are ADORABLE!!!
    I made my friends son his birthday present out of matchboxes and I am thinking next year it would be cute to follow up with something like this!!
    Here's what I used them for this year:

  12. How absolutely adorable!! I think my little ones would love to make these.

  13. This is adorable!
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  14. We made NaniBirds the other day, and Rebecca has been sliding paper food in through their seams, we're going to have to try making some matchbox creatures... I don't think I have any matchboxes though!

  15. Hi!

    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


    Nancy Ward

  16. I love these bugs! I am going to explore your whole blog.

  17. Hello,

    Found your blog just now.
    Your garden and matchbox bugs are lovely. Mayby I will have a try at them, but I will certainly check out some more of your entries.

    Should you run out of matchboxes or need an other size, here is a tutorial to make similar paper boxes:

  18. I came across your blog today looking for some craft ideas to do with my grandson. Oh My, he will love these matchbox bugs and many of the other ideas I found here. Thank You.